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Facebook sucks by comparison *to anything*

Posted on 2010.07.01 at 09:39
We saw this show last night. Lots of people have 'home theaters'. Does anybody else have the balls to open their home to the general public and screen things you can't see anywhere else? BTW we didn't get the bonus porno.


String theorist Brian Greene

Posted on 2010.05.30 at 03:46
Something about the nose:

Posted on 2010.04.16 at 17:47
A volcano in Iceland has shut down many airline flights in Europe. In Belfast, Flybe protects their engines with intake covers

while cheapskate Ryanair uses effing Saranwrap.


Soehnle Magnum Repair

Posted on 2010.03.14 at 19:07
If your Soehnle Magnum scale is behaving badly, check to see that the round top plate is not hitting the front panel that you press to turn the scale on. There should be plenty of clearance, as shown: Soehnle Magnum clearance

If the front plate is interfering with the round plate, it needs to be reseated. Press firmly down on the front plate below the white arrowhead in the above picture and at the opposite side of the front plate next to the round plate. Soehnle Magnum repair
The whole exterior of the Magnum scale snaps together with no screws. The front plate is designed to be pressed firmly to the bottom plate. In order to activate the switch under the front right corner, the front plate should flex, not rotate. Over time the front plate can become loose and ride up.
If you want to see what's going on inside, you can remove the bottom plate by first lifting and loosening the front plate, then unsnap the four attachments from the bottom by sticking a screwdriver into the outside half of each split hole and bending the outside part toward the center:Magnum snaps

Posted on 2010.02.14 at 00:43
Sam I am
My faith, Islam
I do not like green eggs and ham


Dry runs

Posted on 2010.01.22 at 10:27
Back in the early nineties, Bruce Phillips asked, "Let me get this straight. In order to have a real Men's Movement you have to have an Iron John?" In that same sense, practicing with a series of dry runs is just a contradiction in terms.

Posted on 2009.11.15 at 13:08
I bodged together an accelerator for IE8 that pulls up a patent record for a given US patent number.

Posted on 2009.10.05 at 15:53
I resolve to call her up
A thousand times a day
I only made four hundred calls
They took my phone away


More lyrics

Posted on 2009.10.03 at 01:27
Okay, so this is about forty years late. To Taxman by the Beatles:

Just the facts, ma'am.
Just the facts, ma'am.
I don't care about your cat;
Facts, ma'am!
The law is not concerned with that.
I need the facts, ma'am.
Just the facts, ma'am.


Again with the sandwiches

Posted on 2009.09.09 at 19:31
In fact, when I know what is meant by Marmaduke and Rabelais[e],*
When I can eat a twelve-inch turkey sandwich without mayonnaise...

*mispronouced like in The Music Man

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